Return of the Disaster-Class Hero Manga

Return of the Disaster-Class Hero Manga

Return of the Disaster-Class Hero Manga Info :

There are total of 13 heroes and mc is the strongest one of them all. During a raid on a dungeon he is betrayed by one of his companions who backstabed him and thrown him into a pit full of monsters. Everyone thought he was dead but after some years he managed to come back to earth. This time most of the things have changed. The 12 heroes who used to be his companions are big shots now. And mc wants to find the one who backstabbed him and take his sweet revenge. Art wise this is a delicasy.

The fighting scenes are marvelous. Mc is op from the start and the story is nothing new but it is still satisfactory♥


It’s not bad not bad at all one thing that doesn’t make it one of my favs is that the mc said he will take revenge as soon as he found the saints but he didn’t but it’s ok not good enough for an honourable mention or favs 


To be honest, when I started reading it I expect another common story of a OP hero, who has come back to get his revenge. And it started like that, but I kinda liked it? On one hand it is that type of a common story, however there are some aspects which is trying to tie me to the whole story.

Well… Over all it was likeable (for now) 20 chapter experience. But I did not like the fact, that it goes too fast for me, I would like more details for main characters story and to know more of what happened in those 20 years he was away, but that will maybe come with more chapters out, for now there are a lot of mysteries. 


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The story is a well though out, original idea that has massive amounts of lore and history. Stories of the world are extensively explored and are extremely detailed, and enhance the reading experience to a new level. The story at first glance seems to be a generic "Returning-RPG" themed manhwa, but there is much more that meets the eye. The mechanics of the world and the system are thoroughly explained throughout the manhwa series and there even special scenes dedicated to exploring lore and the mechanics even more. Truly an amazing idea, and it was executed extremely well.

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